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Our Management

Joseph Lu, CFA® has over a decade of experience as an investment professional, and is the founder and managing director, as well as an investment adviser representative of Conscious Capital Advisors.

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter is a globally respected, graduate-level investment credential established in 1962 and awarded by CFA Institute, a global association of more than 90,000 investment professionals working in over 133 countries.

Our Services

We are fiduciaries with an intention of creating peace of mind and safety for our clients, so they can leave a lasting legacy for others with their money.

Investment Management

We offer separately managed accounts (“SMAs”) that utilize institutional quality investment strategies.

Wealth Management

We aim to protect, build, and facilitate the faithful transfer of assets for our clients and their beneficiaries.

Financial Planning

We support organizations and individuals in fully comprehending their cash flows and financial lives.

Our Perspectives

Discover our thought leadership. Here's what we're reading:

Buffet's Alpha

NBER Working Paper No. 19681
November 2013 by Andrea Frazzini, David Kabiller, Lasse H. Pedersen

Berkshire Hathaway has realized a Sharpe ratio of 0.76, higher than any other stock or mutual fund with a history of more than 30 years, and Berkshire has a significant alpha to traditional risk factors. However, we find that the alpha becomes insignificant when controlling for...

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Our Innovative Solutions

Learn about the bespoke services of Conscious Capital Advisors.

Investment Management

We are research-oriented active managers.

Sadly, global investment returns today may not be as high as they once were. As a result, we believe we're responsible for putting more thought into every investment decision made on behalf of our clients to counter this.

Conscious Capital Advisors' investment process combines environmental, social, governance ("ESG") security selection with proprietary risk management and mindful implementation. We also consider liquid alternative asset exposures, such as real estate, private equity, and commodities in our investing as well.

Our investment management process includes:

  • Investment Due-Diligence and Selection

  • Portfolio Construction

  • Risk Management

  • Trading and Implementation

  • Performance Monitoring

  • Considerations for Specific Causes

Wealth Management

We support in protecting and building our clients' legacy.

Many of business owners and corporate executives find themselves in a position where a significant portion of their wealth is tied to a single private or public equity holding. As a result, their financial well being is tied to company-specific, economic sector, and/or geopolitical risks. A single low-cost basis can also have considerable tax consequences upon liquidation.

Conscious Capital Advisors provides wealth management solutions to mitigate the financial risks that come from being a company owner so you can effectively transfer your hard-earned wealth to your heirs and personal causes.

Our wealth management solutions include:

  • Tax-Aware Portfolio Management

  • Financial Risk Hedging

  • Charitable Planning and Bequeathment

  • Cash Use Management

  • 401(k) and Defined Benefit Services

  • Business Planning

Financial Planning

Consider us your personal CFO.

Where do you want to be in the future and how will you get there? Our goal is to provide our clients with an answer to these questions.

Conscious Capital Advisors aims for a superior client experience over other registered investment advisors by truly understanding you. Our unique psychometric tools and financial planning processes work to create a smooth experience for you and your family. We have also incorporated a simple fee structure, so you know exactly how much we're charging for our services.

Our financial planning solutions include:

  • Personal Financial Modeling

  • Asset, Liability and Cash Flow Analysis

  • Tax Planning

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Retirement Planning

  • Estate Planning

About Our Company

Discover the leadership and inspiration behind Conscious Capital Advisors.

Purposeful Capitalism

Our vision is to change the way people think about capitalism.

Many Americans feel like capitalism is broken.

This is because many enterprises operate with a shareholder primacy mindset, where the profit of company owners is paramount. We believe a stakeholder paradigm is a better model of capitalism, and that sustainable corporate profits are generated when relationships between owners, employees, and customers are in balance.

As allocators of financial capital, we stay grounded in the original purpose of our profession; to protect the assets of people, and to connect those with capital to those with ideas and energy.

Integrity First

Without our word, nothing else matters.

Conscious Capital Advisors is a firm with a culture of stewardship and respect. The priority of our company is to be of service and safeguard your assets, not sell a product.

Our company claims compliance with the CFA® Asset Manager Code, a code of conduct set forth by the CFA Institute for investment managers. This claim has not been verified by the CFA Institute.

Our Leadership

We have over a decade of professional work experience with the institutional investment-decision making process.

Prior to founding Conscious Capital Advisors, Joseph Lu, CFA® worked as an investment professional with some of the largest institutional and private wealth managers in the financial services industry. This firm is a unique combination of the most effective practices from his experience, implemented with a modern technology infrastructure.

Our firm was founded because of a passion for the work of allocating assets for people's goals. Conscious Capital Advisors is committed to excellence in the art and science of financial management.

Our Influences

We stand on the shoulder of giants.

Our Firm's Influences:

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